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Blockchain revolution with INBLOCK.

We apply professional blockchain technology to support your project successfully.

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Blockchain revolution with INBLOCK.

Based on the expertise of blockchain technology and know-how of technology application, we provide services of ICO, exchange, crypto game as well as evolving blockchain technology.

We are recreating new value through collaborations with other companies and business support.


Utilizing blockchain technology based on Hyperledger, the distributed ledger framework strengthens, decentralizes, and creates a next-generation platform with high security.

You can achieve true platform revolution by applying blockchain technology to various fields.

You can simplify the complex and inconvenient payment steps of passwords and provide easy and secure payment services.

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INBLOCK will try to create a convenient world based on blockchain technologies.
Please contact us if you want to join us.

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    6/F., Fung Sang Trading Building, 54 Bonham Strand West,
    Shueng Wan, Hong Kong

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    Global businesses manager
    Jay Baek
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    343, Samil-daero, jung-gu,
    Seoul, South Korea

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